“Any good thriller needs a villain, and Harry Roat (Adam R. Adkins) is as villainous as they come. Roat is a smorgasbord of a character, being by turns charming, clever, humorous, devious, polite, calculating, and psychopathically homicidal. Roat wants to be the center of his universe, manipulating others at will, and Adkins makes him as gleefully evil as any Bond villain, down to some Snidely Whiplash-style chortles.” – DC Metro Theater Arts (Wait Until Dark)

“Of the three men, Adkins makes the most impact. He seems to be channeling his Alan Arkin (who played the role in the movie). He is witty, urbane, intelligent, and chillingly cold. He never deviates from his goal.” – MD Theatre Guide (Wait Until Dark)

“Leading the charge as Wayne, Adkins sympathetically plays a frustrated kid who hopes to be destined for greatness but who still seems to fall short. Adkins goes from hopeful to increasingly disenfranchised as the years progress without getting too heavy-handed for this lighthearted show.” – DC Metro Theater Arts (Puffs)

“Adam Adkins plays Mike O’Sullivan, the assistant to it seems everyone and is probably the most likable character. Adkins hits the mark by straddling the fence between Gary and Doug and the Coach.” – DC Metro Theater Arts (Alternate Theory & Six Seven Three Twenty)

“‘After taking a break from acting for a few years, the Silver Spring One Act festival is a great reminder as to why I love this art so much,’ said local actor Adam R. Adkins, who appeared in the 2013 one-act festival. He has performed in and directed other productions for the company. ‘They’re a great group of people to work with and bringing new, original works to life is incredibly rewarding,’ Adkins said.” – The Sentinel (Alternate Theory & Six Seven Three Twenty)

“DC Metro Theater Arts’ Best of 2014: Best Directors” – DC Metro Theater Arts

“Adam R. Adkins plays the aloof Roderick Usher. His spooky charm and excellent mad laugh deserves kudos. Adkins also has the tongue-in-cheek style of performance down pat.” – DC Metro Theater Arts (Nightfall with Edgar Allen Poe)

“Enough can’t be said for the talent Director Adkins has assembled. All four actors are seasoned veterans and are very exciting to watch on stage. Adkins keeps the timing tight and the movement of the play engaging.” – DC Metro Theater Arts (God of Carnage)

“The cast worked well together. They made the shift in emotions seem effortless.” – MD Theatre Guide (God of Carnage)

“The Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery uses fear to control their underlings and their victims,” said director Adam R. Adkins (a Molotov Company member). “The interesting questions ‘Gallery’ explores are what these villains fear themselves and how can they use those fears against each other.”” – Broadway World (Gallery)

“As Adam R. Adkins, director of the Silver Spring Stage production, explains, “These people seem nice. They care about their kids, they care about social issues. However, when that social veneer is stripped away, they become what some argue we all are deep down inside: Animals.”” – DC Metro Theater Arts (God of Carnage)

“The play’s strength really lies not in the script, but in the committed performances of the individual actors…Adam R. Adkins’ delightfully depressed Eeee-Ooorrr [is a] true stand-out in this regard.” – DC Theatre Scene (Saving Private Poo)

“Adam R. Adkins as the hopeless Eeee-Ooorr loses his tail in a scene that made me guffaw and thanks everyone for noticing him in a scene that made me gasp.” – DC Metro Theater Arts (Saving Private Poo)

“The shy dance of courtship between Adkins and Holt is adorable to watch.” – DC Metro Theater Arts (The Narrow Gate)

“Adam R. Adkins [is a] standout with multiple comedic characters” – DC Metro Theater Arts (Morning, Miranda)

“The pair meet a troupe of amnesiac circus performers led by deliciously wacky ringmaster Adam Adkins” – MD Theatre Guide (Morning, Miranda)

“‘The thing I love about this show is how universal the themes are,’ said cast member Adam R. Adkins” – The Sentinel (Morning, Miranda)

“Fred (Adam R. Adkins) has a mastery of vocal mimicry when it comes to channeling the big dumb-dumb from the Bedrock era. Complete with twinkle-toe sound effects, from his Yabba-Dabba-Doo to his bright orange cave suit, he’ll have you rolling with laughter.” – DC Metro Theater Arts (The Walking Fred / Saving Private Pooh)

“Adam Adkins held together several scenes with his ability to meander kindly through rough exchanges with authority figures and sinister robots.” – DC Metro Theater Arts (R.U.X.)

“Adam R. Adkins is just right as the hardworking engineer who is behind the R.U.X. creations” – MD Theater Guide (R.U.X.)

“The most dynamic and believable characters are Gary (Adam R. Adkins) and his robot girlfriend Gal (Amy Kellett)” – Cyborgology (R.U.X.)

“The biggest question that cast member Adam Adkins said the play raises is ‘am I really that attached to my iPhone?'” – The Pinkline Project (R.U.X.)

“Adam R. Adkins is especially deft in his handling of this material, playing an engineer who has kept company mainly with robots since his painful divorce.” – Washington City Paper (R.U.X.)

“Good support from the other actors, especially…Adam Adkins as Peter, Sara’s boyfriend from St Louis who uses a kindly exterior to try and control people.” – MoCo Vox (Stop Kiss)

“It is a testament to (Adam) Adkins as an actor that his guy makes a really likeable dad. The fatherly love he exudes towards his kids is genuinely believable.” – Washington City Paper (Love Me! Why Everyone Hates Actors)

“Memorable performances included that of Adam Adkins, who played the actor’s father, a sapient Episcopal priest. Adkins had the religious motions down, yet didn’t shy away from bawdiness when it was called for.” – DC Theater Scene (Love Me! Why Everyone Hates Actors)

“Stage manager Adam Adkins, who delivers a worthy stand up before the show, keeps the enterprise on track and on schedule.” – Drama Urge (Gianni Schicchi)