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Updated Pictures And Videos!

After a few days of uploading, editing and configuring, there’s a brand new update for the site! I’ve added pictures from all of my 2012 shows, including Into The Woods: In Concert, Stop Kiss, Trespassing and both Fringe performances of R.U.X. Better late than never, right? They’re also uploaded into a new format, which is much more user friendly and just flat out nicer on the eyes. Check them out here.

And as a special bonus, I have two short clips of the Fall Fringe performance of R.U.X. in my Videos section. Such a fun show, and it’s great to have a little video evidence of two great scenes in the show. They can be viewed here.

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R.U.X. Returns This Weekend!

No rest for the wicked.

After a great run with Ambassador Theater for Trespassing, we move full steam ahead to the rebirth of R.U.X.! Opening this weekend and running the following weekend, we cordially invite you to join us for the Best Comedy at the Summer Capital Fringe Festival. Now with brand new scenes, never seen before! We’re like the George Lucas of the Fringe Festival, only our new stuff isn’t raping your childhood. I am extremely proud of this show, and I know you’ll love it as much as I do. Click here for my calendar to check out the dates and click here for tickets.

See you there!

Trespassing Kickstarter & R.U.X. Dates!

We’re barely more than two weeks away until Trespassing opens with Ambassador Theater. And since we aren’t a juggernaut theater (yet), we’re reaching out to our community for a little extra support. Even a $5 donation can go a long way, so please click here to support local theater in the D.C. area. And click here to reserve your tickets for the upcoming shows. Hope to see you all there!

And while I have everyone’s attention, we have the dates for the Fall Fringe return of R.U.X.! Visit my Calendar page above or click here to make a date with the winner of the Capital Fringe Audience Award for Best Comedy! And make sure to click here for ticket information. Sexbots will never die, but they do get a little sticky after a while.

R.U.X. Returns & Trespassing With Ambassador Theater!

Hello all,

So the rumors are true: R.U.X. will be making a triumphant return to the DC Capital Fall Fringe! If you missed your chance to see the multi award winning show over the summer, here’s your chance. You don’t get alot of second chances in life, so don’t let the opportunity pass you by! Stay tuned to the site for more info on performance dates and how to get your tickets, and make sure to check out the show website here.

And in the meantime, I have yet another show coming up with Ambassador Theater! And even better, I’ll be on the stage rather than in the booth! The show is called Trespassing and features the United States debut of two shows by Egyptian playwright Alfred Farag. Our first previews are on October 16th and 17th, and our grand opening is on October 18th. Tickets are on sale now, so click the link to find out how to reserve your tickets.

Hope to see you all there, and stay tuned for more upcoming theater goodness.