Website Updates & Veep Season 3 Date

2 posts in not only a month, but a week? WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?!?!

Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know a few bits of information. First of all, I’ve made a few website tweaks. I’ve gussied up the Important Links page with some graphics, which can be viewed here. Consider it a love letter to all of the companies I’ve worked with. Also I have a new Resumé which can be viewed here, in glorious black and white PDF form for your viewing pleasure.

And finally, just one quick note: HBO has given the premiere date for Veep‘s 3rd season. It starts on April 6th, 2014. That’s a little over 2 months until you get to see me stumbling around behind Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I’m not sure if I’ll be in the first episode or not, I’ll know once they release a plot summary for the impending episodes. But as soon as they do, I’ll make sure to post the date and time right here. So check back here soon for the date and time of my HBO “debut”.


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