More Reviews Come In For Morning, Miranda & A Veep Note!

Another week, another handful of performances for Morning, Miranda. Big thanks for everyone who came out this weekend to see us. The crowds so far have been very energetic and we’ve been getting some fantastic feedback. Part of that feedback has come by way of some great new press clippings, both of which I’m featured in. The first is in MD Theatre Guide, where I get a mention in the review. The second is from The Sentinel, in which I was interviewed on my thoughts on the show. Also, MD Theatre Guide listed us in their Top 5 Shows To Seek The Week! You can check them out, along with DC Metro Theater Arts’s review, at my Press page here. We only have 2 more weeks of shows. So if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, now’s the time to do it. Make sure to reserve them here or on my Calendar page.

And just a quick note about my upcoming Veep appearance. HBO has released small synopses of the upcoming episodes, but I’m not exactly sure still when I will be appearing. It sounds likely that it may be this Sunday, but that’s only an educated guess. As soon as I know more, I’ll be sure to let you guys know. So let’s cross some fingers.


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